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Air Conditioning

David Smith Motors are specialists in the repair and maintenance of air conditioning units for cars.

We are a very reputable company who are often very aware of what we do with regards to servicing cars.

This is why we are committed to making sure that we help maintain and service air conditioning units so that all cars are more efficient in their running and this allows us to do our part for the environment.

Our Air Conditioning services include:

Air Condition Maintenance

Air Condition Repairs

Fixed Wire Testing

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We recommend to all of our customers that they get their air conditioning checked out regularly to make sure that nothing is wrong with it. It is sometimes considered false economy to just leave your air conditioning unit until something actually goes wrong with it.

The reason for this is that maintaining it on a regular basis is more cost effective than waiting for something to go wrong as replacing an entire air conditioning unit, in some cases, could set you back a couple of hundred pounds.

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