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Your cambelt is the part of the engine that controls the timing of the engine valves. It is an essential part of your engine and failure to replace the cambelt within the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines can result in cambelt failure and serious, costly damage to your engine. The cambelt works incredibly hard within the engine and a worn or damaged belt can lead to it becoming slack or even snapping.

Manufacturers recommend replacing this part between about 40,000 and 60,000 miles, and it’s definitely worth heeding their advice. The cost of replacing your cambelt is inexpensive compared to the repair costs to your engine after the cambelt has snapped.


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It is important that the correct cambelt is fitted for your specific make and model of engine. Here at David Smith Motors our fully qualified mechanics are trained and experienced in fitting cambelts at the right tension. Cambelts fitted too loosely will not work efficiently and ones fitted too tightly may stretch and break.

Ask our fully qualified mechanics to check the cambelt during your regular service with us or if you’re worried about when your manufacturer recommends replacing it, then just get in touch today.